Jewish Journey Project (JJP)

Grades 3-5

When they reach the 3rd grade, children move into JJP where they explore their interests while absorbing knowledge and skills. In everything they do, whether it’s preparing a snack or performing a skit, they are also learning about classic narratives of the Torah, connecting with the Jewish holiday cycle, forging a relationship with Israel, and delving into Jewish ethics and social justice.

Each semester, kids choose from a wide range of courses. There’s no minimum or maximum number required—we encourage them to take as many as they can fit into their schedules.  

Midweek JJP courses are organized around themes that offers rich opportunities for creativity and exploration. These might include Torah Stories, Jewish Peoplehood, Israel, and Social Action/Caring for Others.  

Monthly Saturday and Sunday Intensives allow kids to explore topics outside the semester’s theme. And special programs during school vacations in December and February give them another chance to spend time together doing fun activities in a Jewish setting.  

Hebrew is taught through Hebrew Homepage (HHP), an online platform that pairs each learner with a personal tutor for a weekly 30-minute Hebrew reading session.

Choosing Courses

Each learner plans and builds a personalized journey, choosing courses and workshops that match their passions and curiosities. In each course, learners work collaboratively with excellent educators from a variety of backgrounds.

Advising parents and children is a core value of JJP.  Each child and at least one parent meet with a staff member before the semester begins to discuss their objectives for Jewish education and choose courses that will meet their families’ goals.

Our course catalog includes details about our amazing courses—from creating Torah animation to exploring Hebrew in high tech, from learning about social justice (and taking action!) to studying Jewish history and identity at The Jewish Museum.
Courses include many modalities, including drama, art, music, cooking, discussion, filmmaking, technology, ceramics, and more!

The JJP Experience

  • Learners discover inspirational stories of Jews throughout time and place, and relate them to Jewish life in the 21st century.
  • Learners hear about the classic narratives of the Torah and understand how they provide a lens for understanding Jewish ethics.
  • Learners engage with the Jewish holiday cycle and understand how it both connects us to our past and orients us to modern Jewish life.
  • Learners delve into the role of social justice values and understand how they provide a blueprint for living Jewishly.
  • Learners encounter the story of the founding of the State of Israel, discuss its modern lessons and dilemmas, and understand how they are relevant to American Jews and other Jews throughout the world.

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