Winter/Spring Courses

Core Class for Grade 1-2

From Slavery to Freedom: The Stories of Exodus

Section 2:  Thursdays 4-4:45 pm Grade 1-2 Gabriella Kula

Students will jump into the second book of the Torah this semester – the Book of Exodus! Here, you will meet Moses, Aaron, Miriam, Pharoah, and the Children of Israel who spent hundreds of years as slaves. Each session will focus on a value we learn from these biblical stories and how they form the backbone of the Passover holiday.  Participants will receive a box full of materials and art supplies to participate in these hands-on activities and create a series of watercolor books depicting these biblical stories to share at their Passover seder this year.  New students are welcome to join! 


Core Class for Grade 4-6

Jewish Ritual: The Passover Seder & Haggadah and Lifecycle Events

Section 1:  Tuesdays   4:30-5:30pm Grade 5-6   Max Beede
Section 2:  Wednesdays 4-5 pm Grade 4-5 Megan Sass and Max Beede
Section 4:  Thursdays 4-5 pm Grade 4-5 Max Beede
Section 5:  Saturdays 3-4:15 pm Grade 5-6 Ellen Alt

Students will be engaged in two units this semester both that touch on the importance and meaning of Jewish ritual.  The first unit will focus on the Passover seder and each student will be making their own DIY Haggadah through hands-on activities and arts and crafts. This unit will explore the Haggadah in-depth and give students the skills they need to be an active participant at your family seder.  The second unit will explore the Jewish lifecycle rituals including brit milah; simchat bat; baby-naming, Bar/Bat Mitzvah; huppah/Jewish weddings; and funerals/shivah.  

Please note:  There are two sections on Wednesdays from 4-5 pm.  We are flipping teachers to provide new experiences for both students and teachers. Students who had Max Beede in the fall will be taught by Megan Sass this winter/spring and those students taught by Megan Sass this fall will be taught by Max Beede. Both sections will come together from time to time to learn seder songs together.


Core Class for Grade 7

Remembering to Re-building: From the Holocaust to Building the State of Israel

Section 1:  Mondays  4:30-5:30 pm Girls sections Talia Kaufman-Sand
Section 2:  Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 pm Co-ed section Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi

In this year-long core class, we will now focus on the State of Israel from its founding to today.  Through experiential and project-based learning, students will discover an Israel whose actions are informed by Jewish values while being encouraged to use their critical thinking to understand Israel as an evolving nation. Students will learn about and discuss some fundamental questions such as: What is the Jewish people’s historic connection to the Land of Israel; How do Jewish values inform Israel’s global contributions; In what ways is Israel diverse; Can Israel be both a democracy and a Jewish nation and others. 

Monthly Intensives 


Bubbie’s Kitchen

Section 1 11:30-12:30 pm 1st -5th grade Cyndi Rand
Section 2 4-5 pm 6th-7th grade Cyndi Rand

Section 1: January 24, February 28, March 14, April 18
Section 2: January 10, February 7; March 7, April 11

Bubbie’s Kitchen is a place where universal Jewish values are shared, holidays are experienced, foods are tasted, and we learn how mitzvot (good deeds) make our world a better place. Bubbie’s Kitchen is a welcoming place, and there’s room for all at Bubbie’s table.

This  fall Bubbie’s Kitchen is a virtual cooking program for children and their families where the food, stories, and culture of the Jewish people come to life. Each session the children will learn about a new Jewish community through making their food, listening to music, and getting an overall taste of the diversity of the Jewish world. Ingredients for each session will be sent to parents in plenty of time to gather everything needed. Parents are welcome to join.
Students who participated last semester are welcome to continue along with new students.  All recipes will be new!

Doodly Jew

Sundays 9:00 – 10:00 am 3rd-5th grade Rabbi Emily Meyer

Dates:  Dates: January 24, February 28, March 14, April 18
Calling all artists! Sometimes we all need a reminder of Shalom/Peace (שלום), Love/Ahavah (אהבה), and Happiness/Simcha(שמחה) – so let’s create something special – a poster for your wall or a card to mail to a friend – with these words and more. We’ll learn to draw the Hebrew letters step-by-step and ask some big questions like “How do we create a more peaceful world?” and “What does happiness smell like?” which will guide each student in creating their visual pictures of these ideas. These values will also be discussed through Jewish stories and folktales. Express yourself and create beautiful and meaningful artwork with Doodly Jew. See an example here.


Dungeons & Dreidels:  Thrilling Tall Tales

Section 1:   4-6 pm Grade 6-7 Jeremiah Kaplan

Section 1: January 24, February 28, March 14, April 18
Dungeons & Dreidels: Thrilling Tales of Torah challenges the traditional approach to storytelling. It is not enough to learn how to be Jewish, we must learn why. Step into this historic world through a virtual tabletop with your Maggid and Dungeon Master to explore the stories of the Jewish people. Participants will take on the role of one of the Giborim, one of the “Mighty” heroes, and leapfrog through antiquity and into modern times. They will learn about our ancestors by meeting them and joining them in the stories of our history. From Noah to Moses, from the mighty Samson to the Yom Kippur War. The class brings students together to discuss Jewish Leadership and the Middot prior to creating characters that embody Jewish ethics. They take on the roles of heroes and are encouraged to explore values such as Kavod (respect) and Kehilah (community) that permeate the stories of our people. They will use these values to face the challenges of their forefathers in a uniquely collaborative roleplaying game.

Friday night Shabbat Dinner Club

Fridays 6-7 pm All grades Rabbi Lori Forman -Jacobi and Megan Sass

Dates:  Dates: January 22; February 26; March 19; April 16
Join other JJP families  monthly for Shabbat rituals and dinner.  We will all join together virtually to sing, light Shabbat  candles, and chant the blessings over wine/grape juice and challah. And, yes, we will then enjoy a meal Shabbat meal together.  We will arrange for break-out groups ahead of time so our dinner conversation will be intimate and you and your children will get to know other JJP families.  Each family will bring their own Shabbat dinner to this virtual experience.  


The Interview Game: Grandparent-Grandchild Edition

 Sundays   10 – 11 am Grade 5-7 Rabbi Lori Forman -Jacobi, facilitator

Dates:  January 24, February 28, March 14, April 18

This Intensive is a once/month structured experience between a grandparent (or family senior) and grandchild.  The hour-long sessions will be divided between interviewing one another with thoughtful questions to strengthen bonds such as: 

  • Can you tell me your first or a favorite early memory you have of me?
  • Name a favorite teacher who’s making or made a positive impact on your life?
  • Name three things you have in common with me?
  • What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why?

Along the way, favorite stories are enjoyed anew, and brand new stories and perspectives are shared for the first time.

The second part of each session will be directed to learn about a theme based on the materials provided online.
Themes include:

  • Living Jewishly (January)
  • Joy (February)
  • Freedom (March)
  • Hope (April)

Each participant needs to be able to participate via Zoom. Each pair will be put into their own Zoom breakout room.  A special orientation class will be set up for grandparents before the Intensive begins.


Jewish History through Minecraft

Section 1:  Sundays  9:30-10:30 am Grade 3-4   Gil Levitan
Section 2:  Sundays 10:30-11:30 am Grade 5-7 Gil Levitan

Dates:  January 10, February 7; March 7, April 11

Jewish History through Minecraft Intensive delves into important events and people throughout Jewish history, using Minecraft. The course will be a highly interactive and creative venture that allows students to connect to the history of Israel by building both ancient and modern structures in the State of Israel. 

New students are welcome to join either section.  Instructions on how to download and configure the Minecraft software being used in this Intensive will be emailed to parents before the start of the class. 


mainstages: LIVE! An Interactive Jewish Improv Program

 Sundays  4-5 pm Grade 3-6  mainstages

Dates:  January 10, February 7; March 7, April 11

Get ready to move and get your creative juices flowing with interactive games, improv, and challenges from professional theater and entertainment professionals.  Each session will focus on an upcoming holiday and a Jewish value.  In January we will learn about Tu Bishvat and talk about ecology, February will focus on Purim and the value of speaking up, in March we will learn about Passover and focus on the value of freedom and so on.  mainstages: LIVE! will get all participants up and moving as we engage, inform, and educate through improv and games! mainstages in an educational theater company for children who has worked with Jewish Journeys to stage Jewish musicals, lead improv classes, and facilitate holiday game shows for any years.