Fall Courses

Course Descriptions for Fall 2020

Core Class for Grade 1-3

Our First Family: The Stories of Genesis

Section 1:  Tuesdays                            4-4:45 pm Grade 3 Gabriella Kula
Section 2:  Thursdays 4-4:45 pm Grade 1-2 Gabriella Kula

Additional sections will be added as needed

Jump into the first book of the Torah – the Book of Genesis! Here, you will meet our first family: Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and their children and grandchildren including Jacob and his 12 sons and only daughter. Each session will focus on a value we learn from these biblical personalities such as visiting the sick, caring for parents, caring for animals, and fighting for justice. Throughout the course, students will learn how to apply these values to their own lives such as visiting the sick; welcoming guests,speaking up for those in need. Participants will receive a box full of materials and art supplies to participate in these hands-on activities and create their own Torah scroll narrating these stories in pictures and words.


Core Class for Grade 4-6

Are We There Yet? – 40 Years of Trekking, Tribes & a Talking Donkey

Section 1:  Tuesdays   4:30-5:30pm Grade 5-6   Max Beede
Section 2:  Wednesdays 4-5 pm Grade 4-5 Megan Sass
Section 4:  Wednesdays 4-5 pm Grade 4-5 Max Beede
Section 4:  Thursdays 4-5 pm Grade 4-5 Max Beede
Section 5:  Saturdays 3-4:15 pm Grade 5-6 Ellen Alt

Additional sections will be added as needed

After the Children of Israel received the Torah at Mt. Sinai they set out on a long trek – 40 years long – until they reached the Land of Israel. During this journey, they complained, wanted to go back to Egypt, created community, and learned Torah for the first time. The stories we are going to learn even include the story of a talking donkey, and it’s not Shrek! As we are on our own journey these past months, we will be able to compare our reactions and responses to those of these Israelites of long ago. What can we learn from their 40-year trek? Each session will include a hands-on component. Participants will receive a box full of materials and art supplies to participate in these hands-on activities. Get a T-shirt ready for the first session because we are sending a decal of the 12 Tribes that we will ask you to iron on the front and where to the first session!


Core Class for Grade 7

Remembering to Re-building: From the Holocaust to Building the State of Israel

Section 1:  Mondays  4:30-5:30 pm Girls sections Talia Kaufman-Sand
Section 2:  Wednesdays 4:40-5:30 pm Co-ed section Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi

Additional sections will be added as needed

Racism, anti-Semitism, and hate is sadly nothing new in human history. Sadly, anti-Semitic attacks in the US and Europe continue. In order not to become complacent or forgetful, this class will examine what led to the Holocaust, the diversity of Jewish life beforehand, the creation of over 1,100 Jewish ghettos during, the “final solution,” and the incredible bravery of the resisters and rescuers. We will celebrate the Jewish spirit as survivors created a new life in Israel, the new Jewish state after WWII. Participants will learn about the early history and founders of the State of Israel and the tremendous growth and advancements it has achieved in its 72 years.


Monthly Intensives: 4 sessions this semester

Bubbie’s Kitchen

Sundays 4-5 pm Grade 1-4 Cyndi Rand

Dates: September 13, October 25, November 15, December 13

Bubbie’s Kitchen is a place where universal Jewish values are shared, holidays are experienced, foods are tasted, and we learn how mitzvot (good deeds) make our world a better place. Bubbie’s Kitchen is a welcoming place, and there’s room for all at Bubbie’s table.

This fall Bubbie’s Kitchen is a virtual cooking program for children and their families where the food, stories, and culture of the Jewish people come to life. Each session the children will learn about a new Jewish community through making their food, listening to music, and getting an overall taste of the diversity of the Jewish world. Ingredients for each session will be sent to parents in plenty of time to gather everything needed. Parents are welcome to join.

Justice, Justice You Shall Make!

Saturdays 4-5 pm  Grades 1-3 Anne Hromadka Greenwald

Dates: September 26, October 17, November 24, December 12

Justice, Justice Shall You Make is inspired by the viral #kidlitart social media campaign. This class puts it a unique spin on the idea, pairing exciting art-making with beautiful children’s literature, all with an age-appropriate social justice focus. 

Examples of the stories we will encounter include A Heart Just Like My Mother’s by Lela Nargi. Anna, a young Jewish girl living in NYC, sees a homeless man and knows she must find a way to help him. Inspired by the main character, we will make upcycled tzedakah boxes. After reading Peaceful Fights for Equal Rights by Rob Sanders, a child’s introduction to the basics of social justice organizing, we will craft unique “protest signs” to place in our windows calling for change. 

Our tradition teaches tezdek, tezdek tirdof (justice, justice, shall you pursue). Together justice, justice shall WE make! 

Dungeons & Dreidels:  Thrilling Tall Tales

Section 1:  Sundays 4-6 pm Grade 4-5 Jeremiah Kaplan
Section 2:  Sundays 4-6 pm Grade 6-7 Jeremiah Kaplan

Section 1: September 13, October 25 November 15, December 13

Section 2: October 18, November 8, November 22, December 6

Dungeons & Dreidels: Thrilling Tales of Torah challenges the traditional approach to storytelling. It is not enough to learn how to be Jewish, we must learn why. Step into this biblical world through a virtual tabletop with your Maggid and Dungeon Master to explore the stories of our forefathers. Participants will take on the role of one of the Giborim, one of the “Mighty” heroes, and leapfrog through antiquity. They will meet Noah and learn of the earliest code of ethics of our people. They will meet Abraham and assist in the rescue of Lot, setting the stage to help debate with G-d to save the city of Sodom. They will defend Isaac’s many wells and help rescue Dinah, Jacob’s daughter. Their mystical guide throughout history is the Maharal of Prague, responsible for the creation of the Golem. The Giborim are charged with collecting Hebrew letters to form the word of power needed to awaken this mighty defender of the Jewish People. The class brings students together to discuss Jewish Leadership and the Middot central to our ancestors, and values such as Kavod (respect) and Kehilah (community) that permeate the stories of our people. They will use these values to face the challenges of their forefathers in a uniquely collaborative roleplaying game.


JBRICK: Build Israel with LEGOS

Section 1:  Sundays 9-10 am Grade 1-4 Yitz Kasowitz
Section 2:  Sundays 10-11 am Grade 5-7 Yitz Kasowitz

Dates: October 18, November 8, November 22, December 6

Calling all Lego builders! During this Intensive, participants will build the State of Israel with Yitzy Kasowitz, Expert LEGO® Builder. Each session Yitz will send you a list of LEGO pieces to gather to bring to the Sunday build. What could be more fun than learning about the Knesset, the Kotel, Israel’s flag, and other aspects of the Jewish state through LEGOSs! There are two sections of this Intensive for different grade groupings, so be sure to sign up for the one that matches your child’s grade.


JJP Book Club

Sundays 11 am-12 pm Grade 4-5 Deb Pollack

Dates: October 18, November 8, November 22, December 6

Calling all book lovers!  In this monthly book club, participants will read books that span historic and modern times and settings, and a range of Jewish themes, customs, and cultures. Topics will include Jewish homelands, heroes, history, and the Holocaust, fantasy, and contemporary fiction.  Our first book with be The Ship to Nowhere by Rona Arato.  Pick it up over the summer to read now!


Jewish History through Minecraft

Section 1:  Sundays  10:30-11:30 Grade 3-4   Gil Levitan
Section 2:  Sundays 10:30-11:30 Grade 5-7 Gil Levitan

Section 1: October 18, November 8, November 22, December 6

Section 2: September 13, October 25 November 15, December 13

Jewish History through Minecraft Intensive delves into important events and people throughout Jewish history, using Minecraft. The course will be a highly interactive and creative venture that allows students to connect to Jewish history by building and exploring famous buildings from the Plzen synagogue in the Czech Republic to Israel where farmers have transformed agriculture with limited water in modern Israel. Please make sure your child has the Java edition of Minecraft downloaded prior to this start of this class.


The Jewish Art of Paper Cutting

Sundays 10-11 am Grade 6-7 Dena Levie

Dates: October 18, November 8, November 22, December 6

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a papercut piece of artwork? Perhaps something personalized with your name on it or a “shalom” for your home? Come and learn how to create your own work of art. Taught by artist Dena Levie, who has been making and teaching papercutting for over 25 years, this class will teach you about positive and negative space, how to cut using an Exacto knife, and how to create beautiful works of art. Even if you have never drawn anything before, you will love this simple approach to an age-old Jewish tradition. Designs will be provided to cut out and frame, and for the more adventurous, the final class will be dedicated to creating your own design. All you need is an Exacto knife and a piece of cardboard (so you don’t ruin your desk) and you are set for a fun-filled class.