B-Mitzvah – 2 Year program

The B-Mitzvah Launch-

The B-Mitzvah Launch- Year 1

This winter/spring semester, sixth graders will participate in the following:

Weekly Core ClassWhat Would You Do?: Become a Jewish Ethicist

One monthly Intensive
Hebrew Homepage 12 hour-long one-on-one sessions; or 2 30-minute weekly sessions for 12 weeks for Hebrew and JJConnect units. New students will need to complete four JJConnect units to be decided in consultation with the parents and student.

Family Program: During spring 2022, we will have a family program to bring parents and students together before their B-Mitzvah year.

Tuition 2021-2022
$2,900 (same tuition as 2019-2020)

The B-Mitzvah Year- Year 2
The B-Mitzvah program ushers your child into young Jewish adulthood and lays the groundwork for continuing active participation in the Jewish community.

You can join other Jewish Journey Project families in a beautiful and unique group ceremony, or have an individual celebration for your child with family and friends.

Whichever option you choose, your child will participate in a weekly class that includes a core class each semester, collaboration on a group advocacy project, and preparation of an individual project in response to his or her Torah portion. Students also choose a monthly Intensive and continue to study Hebrew with Hebrew Homepage to learn to chant Torah.

There are a number of components to the B-Mitzvah preparation year:

    • Weekly core classRemembering to Rebuilding: The Holocaust to the State of Israel
    • One monthly Intensive – Choices will be available in July 2021
    • Monthly meetings with a teacher in your home or online to help your child choose, plan, and create their individual project which they will present at their B-Mitzvah ceremony. Learners can focus on their Torah portion or a question of philosophy, ethics, or history.
    • Family Learning: B-Mitzvah children and parents come together three times during the year for family learning on Sunday afternoons. This enables families and children to further their friendships and delve into Jewish learning together.
    • The Group Off-the-Bimah Bar/Bat Mitzvah: At our beautiful communal ceremony in May 2022.  Participants read Torah and share their individual projects. Participating families can invite family members and friends to the ceremony and the lunch that brunch follows.

Tuition 2021 – 2022
$6,000 – includes preparation and participation in a JJP Off-the-Bimah ceremony.


    • Individual Off-the-Bimah Bar/Bat Mitzvah: An option for families who want to celebrate with family and friends at an alternative, non-liturgical private ceremony. Learners participate in the same preparation as for the Off-the-Bimah B’nai Mitzvah students, but the ceremony is private and is crafted with the family and student.
    • Traditional Bar Mitzvah:  If your child and family would prefer to prepare for a traditional bar/bat mitzvah ceremony in the context of a prayer service with Torah reading, we can find you a tutor to prepare your child and a rabbi to officiate.

A different fee schedule will apply for the above two options.

For more information, email Rabbi Lori Forman-Jacobi, Director.

To schedule a 30-minute Zoom session with Rabbi Lori, please click here.